Fall in love with the american dream

Beautiful pictures in a magazine can make you feel magical, spirited effortlessly away into a world as luscious as the images. Yet behind those pretty pictures lies a land where the fun comes with hours of hard work! Grueling schedule aside, we always have a great time on our shoots, and Whitehorse Fall 08 was no exception. Our fantastic crew included the light, space, and color wizard, photographer Sinisha, our beautiful, crafty queen of instant accessories, stylist, Cassandra Kellogg, and three wonderful models. Erin (the definitely far, far from dumb blonde) is a great friend of ours, always ready to dress up in our gear. Emily and I have known Alex (never a dull moment) since high school. You may recognize him from ads for Target, Puma, and many more. You'll see him again soon, pulling on jeans for Levi. Samantha, just 17, (she was so excited to learn styling tips from the team) radiates beauty. We couldn't stop hugging her - she's SO sweet! Everyone jumped in, hauling gear, climbing banks, and gathering props. We wrapped the shoot tired, but laughing, as warm Santa Ana winds blew and the moon rose high over Malibu.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. We certainly do. Our title, "The American Dream," represents many aspects of our company.
At school, Emily and I both dreamed of having our own clothing line. Moving to LA, we found inspiration and power in the energy of all the dreams that drive the city. We found our partner, too, in Jimmy, someone who
lives his own entrepreneurial dream. Living in America, we have the chance to stand for the ideas we believe in. Our clothes are about peace and love because we want fashion to represent not just style but a way of life. From cheerleaders to radicals, rebels to preppies, elitists to hippies, nerds to beauty queens, we are America. The magic of the pictures lies in the mix – and the long hours of work together
to make it sparkle!

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awesome shoot!!!! wow.