Summer line in Vegas

We arrived home from Vegas in a big suburban late Friday night. Dressed in giant XXL Mexican blanket style sweatshirts that we aquired along the way (via Desert gas station) we sleepily unloaded the hula hoops and suitcases. It feels like valentines day has lasted for 2 weeks as we have been celebrating it Whitehorse style for about that long. We handed out heart bags and candy and fell in love with new lines and new people. The showroom was there and I love seeing all of them, especially michael Cohen and Ainsley. Trevor and I stood on chairs in the booth staring out at the Project show on the last day. It was a quiet show- maybe it was too cold for people, the winds blew crazy in Vegas while we were there. Jimmy took us all out to dinner and it was a dream to sit with everybody involved, a dream to see what we had created and what talented people were involved now. To think, it all started with Emily and I sitting on her bed in the tree house saying "I wish T shirts were just about love and fun graphics" we've come a long way since then. We are lucky girls, and we've worked hard to get here.

Our good friend who has a great, famous blog was their snapping pictures of the Whitehorse girls. He's truly amazing. I love him.

Here is a pic from last year in Vegas

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