Im heart broken because I fell in love with you

We shot our catalogue for summer! It was about 25 degrees out!! Imagine that when you go through the pictures... Erin and Brenda modeled for us it was amazing. Ashley Haber (one of our best friends and AMAZING photographer shot the high fashion version so I had to make do with Jimmy's camera shooting the "Urban Gypsy" Whitehorse tees. We woke up at 5:30 am to drive out in Ashley's RV. Ashley shot for Cassandras portfolio, she is the best stylist I've ever met. ( I cant believe how many talented friends we have. It's like a little production company on wheels.

check out the behind the scenes in the next blog.


Alicia said...

I'm in <3.
Miss you.
See you in LV....
till then.

Love and light~

powerline 6
hermosa Beach

Lame Deer said... ,,,,,,, ( not asleywas ) haa

Lame Deer said... .... no aslywas :)