Summer. I cant wait.

We are so excited about our summer/fall 1 line. It is just what we hoped it would be!

The rain came to Los Angeles for 5 days straight. We sat in the doorway listening and watching as it flooded the streets. LA isn't built for rain, but it looks spectacular when it happens. Kelsey and Brenda put on the Whitehorse hoodies after dinner and ran around splashing puddles. I love winter, there is something so romantic about the air. Although I must admit, we cannot wait for summer... fresh lemonade, Hollywood Forever Graveyard movie screenings, driving with the top down, sleeping outside at night, lying on the beach in Malibu with big sun hats and a box of Capri Suns, summer flings and maybe a boat ride out to Catalina. I want to pack my Whitehorse tanks and go camping in the mountains, we miss you warm weather!

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